Research project

Institutions and Racism (InRa): Racism as a threat to social cohesion in the context of selected social and institutional areas

InRa study "Institutions & Racism"

In a broad-based collaborative study entitled "Racism as a threat to social cohesion in the context of selected social and institutional areas" - in short: InRa study "Institutions & Racism" - the FGZ is analyzing racism in state institutions for three years. Until the end of 2024, the researchers will be investigating institutional knowledge, its transmission, and how this can be reflected in the actions of public authorities in 23 individual projects at eight FGZ locations in Germany. As a result of the research process, recommendations for institutional practice will be developed.

The Federal Ministry of the Interior and Homeland funds the study and is supported by an interministerial project group. At the individual projects' level, cooperation occurs with other researchers, civil society organizations, advice centers, and initiatives for those affected. All 23 sub-projects are coordinated in the central project in Leipzig. The joint project is central to the catalog of measures adopted by the Cabinet Committee on Combating Right-Wing Extremism and Racism in December 2020.

In addition to establishing a greater awareness of racism as a phenomenon affecting society as a whole, the authors of the catalog of measures highlight desiderata both in research and in the prevention of racism. With their extensive and heterogeneous structure, the sub-projects of the InRa study "Institutions & Racism" contribute to producing evidence-based statements on various forms of racism - such as structural and institutional racism - and putting them up for discussion.

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