Research project

MeAviA: Antiziganism in the media - from interdisciplinary analysis to critical media competence

Heidelberg School of Education
Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg: Antiziganism Prevention Centre
Universität Heidelberg: Antiziganism Research Centre, Romance Department, Institute for Political Science

External cooperation partners:
Dokumentationszentrum Deutscher Sinti und Roma
Goethe-Institut Mannheim
Medienforum Heidelberg e.V.

In the sub-projects, the project deals with the interdisciplinary analysis of antiziganism representation in the media areas of literature (B1), film (B2), and public reporting (B3) (sub-project B "Antiziganism-critical media analysis"). In addition, a qualitative reception analysis takes up the empirically insufficiently represented perspective of those affected by reconstructing both the experiences of discrimination of Sinti* and Roma* conveyed by the media and how antiziganism representations are received by members of the majority and minority groups (sub-project C "Qualitative reception analysis"). Based on the knowledge gained in the sub-projects described, digital learning tools for teacher training that are critical of antiziganism and racism will be developed based on the concepts of critical media literacy (sub-project D "Transfer and empirically based development of educational material").

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